Truth Proof Report 50 - even more lights in the sky

Reported directly to Paul SinclairTuesday 15th December 2020

Report 50:

Hi Paul,

I hope you are well!

I think I have finally witnessed the lights over the sea you talk about in your books! It was on Tuesday night 15th December, quite early around 5.20pm. I was driving down the long straight road down to my horses on Tunstall cliff top. A glowing orange globe appeared in the sky slightly larger than a star to the left of my vision and I was immediately fixed thinking "Wow!!"..

Then it disappeared and appeared to the right then back to the left further down. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and stopped my car and opened the window trying to get a better look. What could possible disappear and appear again so far apart? Then all of a sudden there were 3 in a row all the same colour. They seemed to kind of turn together then disappear out of my view.

I was just wondering if you had any other reports of anything strange this week, there are a few big boats out to sea towards Hornsea way which is unusual. I’m thinking surely somebody else much have seen something.

It was very exciting haha.

Look forward to hearing from you. Take care.....

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tunstall beach

Tunstall beach

The cliffs to the left are made of soft soil. Therefore this piece of the coast is under constantly erosion and is disappearing.


Paul Sinclair

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