Reporting your own experience....

Have you witnessed something we could share?

    Be assured that if you wish us to respect your anonymity, we most certainly will - please tell us.

Don't worry if it's not another Roswell or Rendlesham or just a spooky experience. It may form part of a larger picture.

If you would like a follow-up telephone call or personal e mail, please tell me.

some tips on giving reports:

Stay safe if you see something unusual – cliffs, traffic or falling downstairs are more dangerous than aliens or ghosts.

Try to shout somebody to witness what you are experiencing.

Try to take a photograph, although most of us forget in the heat of the moment.

If you see something in the sky try to note its size and shape – compare it to your thumb at arm’s length. Note speed and elevation (angle from ground). Very hard to estimate size and distance, but try.

For any phenomenon – note noise and smell. Also weather, light and visibility. Wind speed and direction.

Don’t forget to tell the date, time and location.

Also, how did you feel after the event – strange feelings, tingling, dreams, loss of time.

And write it down, draw a picture and write to me soon after the event. Other people may have seen it too.

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