Truth Proof Report 91 - yellow eyes

Message from the Truth Proof web site. 3rd May 2021

Yellow eyes in the early morning.

Back in 2017 I was working as a Greenkeeper/ Mechanic at a local golf course. I usually set off for work at 4:40 a.m. summertime, in a built up area of Poole, Dorset.

It was a little foggy that morning sun just coming up, so still dark. But crossing the road in front of my car was a set of yellow eyes!

A fox or cat I thought at first, so slowed down. At around ten metres away I realised that the eyes were nearly a metre off the ground, and too far apart to be a cat or dog.

Braking quite hard now as my Landrover closed the distance, I was searching for the body of what I thought must be a large dog but as the eyes disappeared up a dark driveway I could not make out a body — just two glowing yellow eyes a metre off the ground and seemingly fixed on me.

Not the strangest thing I have seen, but it gave me that hair on the back of your neck feeling.

We don't get many strange sightings here in Poole, but I did think back to the strange creature seen on traffic cam on the A338 Wessex Way.

Thank you Paul, and keep up the hard work....


Paul is pursuing this to obtain more details of this interesting sighting


Paul Sinclair

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