Truth Proof Report 92 - big cat sighting

e mail to Paul. 6th May 2021

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At about 1030 a.m. on Wednesday the 5th May 2021, I was driving back from Flamborough, on the B1225 road, and just before I got to Danes Dyke, I caught site of a black animal that came from the right hand side and ran out in front of my new car. Not wanting to damage the car I instantly I braked hard to avoid a collision.

I estimated its body to be about 3ft long, not counting its very long tail I would definitely say it was a big cat of some sort.

I lived in the wilds of Oregon for three years and have seen wild wolves, coyotes and cougars. Based on what I have seen in the past I would say it was as big as a cougar and the same shape.

Unfortunately I only saw it for seconds when it ran in front of the car , I have dash cam all you can see is a black blur as it disappeared into the hedges.

I was shaken up a bit but thankfully I did not hit it, the last thing I needed was a repair bill for hitting a big cat. As to what they are, I have no idea, except to say that they are very unusual.

an anonymous good friend of Paul

flamborough head


Big cats evidently prefer a nice sea view and bracing winds


Paul Sinclair

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