Truth Proof Report 89 - moving white ball in the sky

Reported to Paul from the Truth Proof website 27th April 2021. Friday 28th June 2019

Hi Paul

I'm not sure why I never reported this sighting at the time, because since being a child I have been interested in UFOs, cryptids &c, but a friend mentioned this incident a couple of days ago.

Anyway it was Friday 28th June 2019, I was driving up Ripponden Road in Oldham towards Halifax and the M62. I got to the top of the hill near the speed camera and tyre garage at Moorside: there are no houses on the left, and just open farm land and you have unrestricted views over Shaw and Bolton, Rochdale the open moors for miles. Then I noticed what looked like a round bright white ball travelling in the same direction as myself at a fast but steady speed.

I cannot even guess the speed or height, but through my windscreen I followed this bright ball for around 40-50 seconds before it slowly began to dim until it was a dark ball and I eventually lost sight of it.

It was travelling in the direction of the moorland between Rochdale and the mast at the top of the hill at Denshaw. It definitely wasn't a plane or drone because living in this area you get used to planes, It was too big to be a drone and it was round and as bright as a light bulb until it changed. And it wasn't the sun.

Although I have a big interest in the unexplained, I am not someone who relates everything to UFOs but this was different.

The weather was good that day and I wondered if it was the sun reflecting off the object, but it was definitely round and was travelling fast - I want to say a height and from memory it was higher than what the planes coming into Manchester are at when flying over here.




Paul Sinclair

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