Truth Proof Report 75 - My experience as a child near RAF Fylingdales.

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Hello there! I've just discovered podcasts a few weeks ago.

I just heard you talking to Howard Hughes. Very interesting.

I grew up in children's home in Scarborough. Anyway when I was 11 years old I was in Throxenby Hall in Scarborough. A home for boys. They used to take us out at night into the woods or up the moors. I swear what I'm about to say is true. Other boys saw it and the staff.

They took us up the North York moors near to RAF Fylingdales. It was the famous golf balls back then its a pyramid now. But we were walking along this track star watching and looking at RAF Fylingdales golf balls in the distance. Suddenly right above our heads was all I can describe is a black mass. It was massive it filled the whole sky above us. Was pitch black no sound, nothing. It just sat there. I remember afew of us said "What is that?" A member of staff called Miss Roberts who saw it too. She said its a satellite. But she made us all go back to the minibus. I was only 11, so I believed her as I knew no different.

But now I'm 49. My God, it was huge. It was right there just above us. No sound. Was definitely no satellite.

I tracked a boy down on facebook: he saw it and after all these years confirmed it was the same as I had seen. I cannot find Miss Roberts. I've tried but no luck. I swear this is true. I've never forgotten it.

The experience has given me a lifelong interest in UFOs. Whatever we saw was just massive, black and silent. No lights. Nothing. They do exist. Anyway thank you. And God bless.




is a site of much secret UK - American radar observation. The golf balls have now been replaced with something that looks like a gigantic hifi speaker cabinet.


Paul Sinclair

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