Truth Proof Report 76 - blue blobs in the sky

Reported via the Truth Proof Website13-2-2021

The initial e mail from Dave was sent almost immediately after he took the photograph below.

Can’t think of anyone better to share this with?!

Just stepped out for a cigarette and spotted this over my garden moving behind the clouds slowly and silently - 2 bright blue circles it looks like - What? I’ve attached a picture and video off our camera phone - unfortunately it’s so dark it hard to see it actually moving.

What’s your thought? It’s obviously not a plane / helicopter as there is no noise at all and can’t be a spotlight as it’s coming from behind the cloud?

Have you ever seen anything similar? Great to get your thoughts, old chap? Also more than happy for you to share. Occurred in Olton, Solihull at 01:30 13.02.2021

......and a few hours later, I received this follow-up report from the still amazed Dave....

Morning Paul, yes I’ll probably be out looking up for a few weeks after the experience last night! No probs at all, it was around 12:30am this morning (13.02) so it was dark, darker than usual though because there was thick cloud cover with no breaks.

It was a still night and cold, -4 I think. I spotted the glow from my back garden which is south facing. My garden has a gulley at the back for garage access and then the rear gardens of the houses on the road behind. I spotted it when it was probably over that Ulverley green rd. It was really low, much lower than a helicopter ever would be, and we have the police helicopter fly over a lot as we are local to Birmingham airport. I’d guess not 60ft above our house!

It travelled east to west passing over my property (Bradbury Rd) and on towards Yardley. The glow showed as two blue circles as it passed over and the cloud thinned a little - I would estimate the size of a small car but I could not see any solid shape to it due to cloud cover. It passed over us travelling on a straight line smoothly and silently, not even a hum.

I know a lot of your research is in rural areas or on the coast: worth noting this area (Olton) is very residential - a suburb of Birmingham, probably 4 miles from Birmingham airport.

I was really happy to find the article about the Somerset UFO which really validated what we saw as it looks exactly the same. I have actually shared this on a local residents' page to see if anyone else saw anything, so far not many takers - just one states they saw it, a lot of interest though.

I will let you know if there are any further interesting replies of note though old chap. Right off for a bath and a listen to your livestream from last night fella 👍

Any follow up queries and I’m more than happy to help chap, stay safe!

Thanks Dave for a very interesting and thorough report - duly noted and promulgated on the site. A same day publication.


witnessed by Dave  

two blue blobs in the sky

The two blue blobs

As photographed by the witness. Photograph used with permission. ©


Paul Sinclair

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