Truth Proof Report 73 - falling light with tail

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Report 73:

Hi Paul, sorry for the late reply. I first saw them back in about 2000, in November, from Aldborough Beach just south of Hornsea. I had been fishing for around five hours into the darkness: it was about 10pm.

I was the only angler on the beach. This was before there were wind turbines on the horizon.

Suddenly five orange lights lit up just about the horizon, then blinked out maybe 30 seconds later one by one. Maybe 10 seconds later they reappeared to the right only a bit closer. I was then spooked by this and packed up a bit sharpish...LOL!

Then last year in November, me and James Wood were fishing up at Scarborough North Bay, just in front of the chalets; it was a very windy and rainy night.

In the clouds out at sea an orange orb lit up and faded after about 20 seconds, then another lit up further out to sea, again faded after 20seconds, then another lit up right above the marine drive headland. This one was actually in the clouds and illuminated the cloud it was in for a few seconds, then faded. My eyes were all over the sky after that as I was fascinated by them.

About 20 minutes later two fighter jets flew over; maybe a coincidence but it was very odd. I think James actually rang you and told you that night.

Hope this helps... M8


aldborough beach with crumbling cliffs

Aldborough Beach

Near Hull. This coastline sees much erosion


Paul Sinclair

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