Truth Proof Report 72 - falling light with tail

Reported directly to Paul Sinclair 20211968

follow-up research by Paul

Report 72:

I just thought I should write to you to say how much I am enjoying reading your books. I happen to own all four!

I have always had an interest in UFOs and other things paranormal. I have experienced one or two that have made my hair stand on end.

The most vivid experience happened around 1968. I was eight years old at the time, it was in the evening and I was sitting in the living room watching T.V. and facing me was a window that I kept glancing at looking at the night sky.

Suddenly this object fell from the sky. It looked just like a comet, a large white ball with a white tail and inside the white ball of light it was tinted with a light green colour.

I jumped out my chair and ran to the front window and I swear that I saw it hit the ground because I saw red sparks fly up and there was no sound of an impact at all.

It was something that shall never forget. I should point out that this happened in Upholland which is situated between Wigan and Skelmersdale in Lancashire.

"David M"  

upholland countryside


Lancashire countryside at Upholland


Paul Sinclair

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