Truth Proof Report 7 - The Ghost of Big Railings

Reported directly to Paul Sinclair14-9-2019

14th September 2019

Report 7:

Witness wishes to remain anonymous - so we will call him Archibald, but his real name is Paul Sinclair.....

Experience at Bempton by Paul himself...
"Well it's 3:30 am, I've just got back from Bempton, and I can confirm it's a very strange place! First off around 11:30 pm we were on the viewing platform in front of the old radar site when I saw a white light approaching from the direction of the visitors centre, thinking it was somebody walking with a torch I walked onto the path, then it completely disappeared!

I walked down the path but absolutely no one was there!

Then just after midnight my friend rang me to see how we were doing, only to say he could here what can only be described as robotic voices down the phone, this seemed to get worse as I walked towards the outside perimeter of the bunker, he tried to record it on his phone.

Then around 1:30am I could hear a very low frequency hum, it seemed to be coming from all around us, this continued for about 15 minutes, then it became intermittent."

"Anonymous correspondent"  

flamborough lighthouse

The old military establishment at Bempton.

Not a safe or legal place to enter. But the surroundings can be spooky....


Paul Sinclair

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