Truth Proof Report 65 - out of body experience

Reported directly to Paul Sinclair1978

Report 65:

Hello Paul.

If you are interested. I am using the name Daniel (son's name).

I do not wish to give my real details public, but to you my real first name is ......

My Experience happened in Brighton UK, 1978 ,which I have told to some, and has come to the forefront for me again. This paranormal incident experience in Brighton UK is absolutely true, and has stayed with me all these years, just as your experience of Night People has.

Because you are Genuine I wanted to tell you.

I was with myy girlfriend at the time, later to be my wife. We stayed in a Hotel B and B in Brighton Town. I recall the moment we booked into our room we felt uneasy, as though we were being watched, a really uneasy feeling. Anyway, we did the usual - out for a meal in the town, then a walk along the beach, then tired we went back to our room. Absolutely no thoughts of anything paranormal, just went for the break to the coast.

We live in North West London. The room had this atmosphere, unnerving as I mentioned, but we just went to bed, tired. The next thing, I was out of my body (OBE). The light was off but twilight came through the window. I knew I was not dreaming, or any kind of sleep paralysis. This was happening in real time, as they say. I was facing the opposite way to our sleeping positions, up near the ceiling, I could clearly see part of the ceiling light shade slightly to my right, and up.

Turning my head slightly to the left, my left (so I was not paralysed!), I could see my girlfriend's outline in her bed under the covers, and she then turned her sleeping body from her right to left. Then I was suddenly shaken as I turned a little more left - I couldn't believe what I was seeing:

I saw three entities, ghosts , or whatever; they were there in our Hotel Room! Absolutely solid; real as daytime. I knew I was not sleeping - dreaming that's totally different - this was real! Two were far left in shadow , or just dark shadow but solid entities. The other entity was very solid. I could only describe it as similar to the Mummy-like creature in the Boris Karloff Mummy films: absolutely true.

It was lighter than the other two; I could not see any facial features, as it was slightly turned away from me.

Up to that point I had been strangely calm, being out of my body, stationary, looking down at the beds and my girlfriend. Then I saw these beings. The mummy-like entity, as if on cue from the others, started to walk towards my girlfriend, arms out slightly, longer looking hands, hands almost together, walking towards her as if to strangle her.

I am not even sure they knew or sensed I was there. I started to panic. I kind of, tried to lunge forward (if i recall correctly) and shouted out "No!" "No!", .........meaning "You're not going to harm my girlfriend." The next thing I knew was that the Bed Lamp was on, my girl was looking at me petrified, and was telling me I was in shock. She was shaking as well, and petrified too. I of course told her what happened.

We saw the night through and went to a quiet breakfast. I was looking at the serving staff, as though they might have known about that room, and really wanted to ask, but being young and a little embarrassed to ask anything like that, I left it alone. If that was me today, I would have been all over it asking the staff.

Quite simply Paul this really happened. I would look anyone in the eye and tell them what happened. You cannot lie about something like this, especially as you know you cannot keep something real, and not change after years. I will always remember, because this experience really happened. You're welcome to tell, use my absolutely real experience, as you wish. I have been trying to research what was the being I saw: Hybrid Entity, Mummy-like, no features. That was my only OBE, than till now. Everything I said I promise you was real.

Thank you for your time.



Paul Sinclair

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