Truth Proof Report 66 - small dark ball in the sky

Reported directly to Paul Sinclair3rd January 2021

Report 66:

Hi Paul, I came across your work on several different podcasts I listen to. I also follow you on YouTube and thoroughly enjoy the interesting and intriguing topics you cover with Les and other guests. I hope there are more videos to come and looking forward to the new documentary as well. I do not live in Yorkshire.

However I did come across something strange in my area the other day while on a walk with my husband. I live in Farnborough, Hampshire. There is a park near us called Southwood and we regularly go there for walks. We were out on one of our walks yesterday (the 3rd of January) when we saw this black ball flying to our right.

At first I thought it was a tiny bird like a robin and that it was clapping its wings very fast, so I wasn't able to see them. I pointed it out to my husband and we both started staring at it as it kept moving away from us. We soon realised that it wasn't a bird as its movement was unlike any I've seen. It moved straight keeping the same speed and height and especially seeing actual birds fly around it made it even more obvious to us that this was not a bird.

My husband suggested a drone but again there were no propellors and from the distance it initially was visible to us we would have seen if it had any mechanism attached to it to make it fly. It is difficult to tell you how big it actually was, as it is difficult to say really how far away it was from us but I think it was about 8-10 metres away. It looked like a black ball just flying. I know you talk about colourful spheres but this one was just solid black.

It just flew away in a line, and as I said what looked like the same speed. Then we lost sight of it.

Have you ever heard of anything like this before? It wasn't a balloon either by the way as it was too small in size to fly and we didn't see any ropes attached to it. It looked from the distance the size of a tennis ball.

Thank you for reading and if you could please let me know if there are any other sightings similar to what I just described to you, or if you know what it is, meaning if there is an explanation that maybe my husband and I did not think of at the time. I would much appreciate it.

Wishing you and your family a healthy, happy and sane 2021.

Kind regards,




Paul Sinclair

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