Truth Proof Report 63 - red light in the sky

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follow on from previous acquaintance with Paul sent via the website reports page

Report 63:

Hi Paul

Thought I'll share another experience I had - I think I mentioned it before to you, but I can't remember.....

On 4th November 2019 we visited Cumbria for our honeymoon, being married on the Saturday 2nd November.

We hired a cottage in Lowick not far from Kendal. It was a converted barn that backed on to a small farm and a pub called the Red Lion.

It was in the middle of nowhere and was just four houses with the mountains in the back drop. It was a lovely view and the pub closed at 9 p.m. - I think it was for local and passers-by. There was literally one main road - it wasn't a busy area.

We decided to visit the pub that night; we arrived for food and some drinks. It was 8 p.m. and it was just me my wife, Amy, and our dog, Scout. Because we had ordered food, the landlady stayed open for us until we had finished!

As we waited, I popped outside to have my vape. There was lovely clear dark sky: you could see the stars - no moon visible. As I looked up I saw a red light pass over above; I thought could be a plane's navigation position light. There was no sound to it as it passed over. This is strange and best way I have described it is that it looked like - if you ever seen a Star Trek and the Klingon bird of Prey. Well if you think back when the ship was cloaked, and fired a torpedo the red light flashed up and showed the cloaked ship. That's what this looked like: nothing like the shape of the bird of Prey but it was like a reddish light that went over, but it revealed something else about it. I got the impression there was more to it like a silhouette of an outer shell but I couldn't make out a shape, just the red light. It disappeared heading towards Kendal.

I went back into the pub and didn't mention it to my wife, but I put it down as just another experience of seeing "something". I'm always looking up when I go out, and to be honest I'm quite lucky I see a lot of shooting stars, but this one I cannot explain. Hope this helps on your reporting page as I think I mentioned before to you over a Facebook message possibly.


Paul take care




Paul Sinclair

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