Truth Proof Report 58 - Orange circle in the sky

Reported directly to Paul Sinclair3rd Jan 2021

Report 58:

Sky anomaly 3rd January 2021

An Orange object was observed over the sea between Filey and Speeton by a couple at around 9.30 p.m..

Witness Shelley reports: "It looked like a large orange circle with a hole in the middle. The anomaly was not far out to sea. It is also estimated the the sighting took place closer to Filey than Speeton.

There was no sound from it that I noticed as we were travelling in our car."

Shelly also told me that they lost sight of it driving up the hill between Flixton and Hunmanby. The next time they saw it, it looked to be further out to sea and resembled a line of orange light.



Paul Sinclair

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