Truth Proof Report 59 - UFO following car

Reported directly to Paul Sinclair via the Truth Proof web site1989

follow-up by Paul

Report 59:

Hi Guys My sighting goes back a few years (1989) and is not relevant to Yorkshire, but it happened in Nottinghamshire.

More specifically it happened on the A52 from Grantham to Nottingham near a village called Whatton. I and 3 other soldiers were travelling to Nottingham having finished a military exercise extremely late on a Friday night- Saturday morning around 2 a.m..

I was driving and we were dropping the lads off in Nottingham and then we travelled to Newark where I lived at the time. There was very little traffic on the road as it was early hours, and we dropped down a steep hill and I saw a very bright light in my rear-view mirror.

Initially I thought it was a Lorry coming over the hill with its full beam on, but I soon realised whatever was behind us was travelling at very high speed as it got brighter and brighter very quickly. All of a sudden, a craft came past the passenger side of the car. It was travelling towards Nottingham.

The craft itself was round in shape with white lights all the way around the circumference underneath the craft. I estimated the size to be about 70-100 metres in circumference, it was spinning anti clockwise and it was metallic and silver in colour.

Although it was pitch dark the surface of the craft was visible albeit for a second or two. It past us around 200 feet above the car. I estimated the speed of the craft to be 300-400 miles per hour and it disappeared into the distance as we drove in the same direction. There was no sound of any conventional aircraft engines.

I was always a sceptic before my sighting and I firmly believe whatever we saw was either a top-secret military vehicle or something not from this world. That is it, not really too exciting but thought it might be worth a mention..


Paul: Thanks Lee. This is a classic example of a UFO sighting that has happened worldwide. One cannot help thinking that if it were a military secret in 1989, one would have heard something more of it since! Beside why use a military secret to chase a car near Nottingham? A great report - substantiated because there was more than one of you. Thanks.



Paul Sinclair

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