Truth Proof Report 56 - Silver object over Hull


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Report 56:

Sometime in the summer of 2001- can’t remember exactly.

I was sat in my bedroom on Ings Road estate, East Hull, doing something on my computer when I heard a voice in my head say “look out of the window there’s a UFO”.

So E turned my head expecting to see nothing but was amazed to see what appeared to be a bright silver cube!

The cube was moving very slowly from right to left (approximately south east to north west) and from my vantage point appeared to directly over Bilton or Sproatley around 5 miles away.

I observed this cube for around 15 minutes and could see no signs whatsoever of any windows, wings, engines, exhaust gases, insignia or other projections and it was completely silent and travelled in a perfectly straight line.

It was only when the cube had traveled to my extreme left and was nearly out of view I realised I could see the back face of it and that it was actually a cylinder and not a cube.

I remember the red glow of the setting sun reflecting off its highly polished surface......

Paul Dore  

Ings Road East hull

Ings Road

Ings Road, East Hull is on the edge of a large housing estate. Much has been demolished, and houses have been renovated.


Paul Sinclair

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