Truth Proof Report 52 - a nocturnal visitor visits new resident

Reported directly to Don Lodge1994

Report 52:

Here is my ghost story:

My husband and I moved to Acklam in East Yorkshire towards the end of 1994 to an old cottage next to a stream - some of the cottage was 18th century with some more modern additions - we were, and still are, very happy here.

We settled in quickly, but one night after being woken in my sleep from something, I got the shock of my life.

As I opened my eyes there was an elderly gentleman leaning over me, and looking at me - he looked to be in his 80s with a stooped back, old clothes with a checked jacket. He also had a walking stick that he was leaning on - terrified I looked at him and he said to me,

"This is my house! What are you doing here in my room?"

I said to him,

"This is our house now, and we live here, and you are really frightening me."

He replied, "I am really sorry. I did not mean to frighten you."

He then disappeared never to be seen again.....

 ........ until, a few years later, the village had a history workshop for the day. Some of the families who had lived in the area for generations shared their old photos - and that’s when I saw him again! He was looking at me in the same clothes I had seen him wearing in my night time meeting with him. He was smiling and leaning on his stick with his slightly hunched back - the photo had been taken outside our house by the stream - no one knew who he was or had a name for him. But I knew who he was and where he lived!

I had never seen a ghost before and I have never seen one since - although I was terrified when I met him, it was more because I realised he was a ghost - the feeling I had from him was confusion and puzzlement. He had warmth and kindness in his face, and when I told him he was frightening me - he had apologised and disappeared immediately.

I have never seen him again.

Ruth M 



The countryside in this part of the world has rolling hills and is very lush. The villages and hamlets are historic.


Paul Sinclair

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