Truth Proof Report 42 - ghost old lady

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Report 42:

Dear Paul,

I have just finished reading your latest book and I am very impressed by the candid way you spoke of your early childhood and your experiences up to adulthood. I think you were very brave to speak so candidly of your life and to open up your thoughts to all.

I thought I would tell you about something that happened to me a long time ago when I was a young man (don't laugh I was young once) and my first wife Julie and I moved to Bournemouth on the south coast to take over a Hotel. This hotel was in fact originally two large semi-detached houses joined together, and if you ever saw any episodes of Faulty Towers it was something like the hotel portrayed there.

In those days we had guests who stayed with us for a week or sometimes two weeks and the period always ran from Saturday to Saturday. One Saturday morning I was on the top floor helping the chambermaids strip and clean the rooms ready for the next incoming guests. It was about 11 a.m. and we were just about finished on the top floor when I saw an elderly lady walking towards me. At first I thought this lady was a new guest looking for her bedroom. However as she drew close to me I thought that her clothing was rather old fashioned.

Still she was an old lady so that did not concern me. As she drew closer and I could see her face clearly and I thought she had a rather glazed look on her face. When she was level with me I said "Hello are you lost, can I help you? The lady ignored me and continued walking towards number one bedroom.

Two things I must say: (1) she was walking, not gliding or hovering or anything like that. And (2) she was a solid shape - there was nothing about her to suggest anything ghostly. She continued past me and disappeared into no 1 bedroom.

Intrigued, I followed her into the bedroom only to find there was no one there. Shocked, I ran down stairs into the hotel kitchen where Julie and the staff were preparing the evening dinner.

Julie took one look at me and said. "You've just seen the old lady haven't you" She said, "I have seen her twice but I did not tell you in case you were frightened. There is nothing to be frightened of. She is harmless."

We ran that hotel for five years and I never saw her again. After five years we left the hotel business and I joined the British gas corporation. That is when I began my research into the Paranormal I hope this was of some interest to you and I send my love and best wishes to you and Mary and your family and of course including little Wolfie. Love dogs.

Best wishes




Paul Sinclair

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