Truth Proof Report 43 - constellation of moving lights

Reported directly to Paul SinclairOctober 2018

from e mail received by Paul

Report 43:

I have listened to your slots on the Unexplained podcast which compelled me to get in touch with you about something we saw in 2018. I am a Yorkshireman living in NZ and am a serving Police officer.

On October 8 2018 just before noon I was reading on the deck on a beautiful clear spring day. I happened to look up and saw what looked to me like the plough star constellation slowly moving across the cloudless blue sky. We live on the "wheels down" flightpath of the local airport so are used to low (and high) flying aircraft.

I shouted my 12 year old son and his au pair to come and see. The lights seemed spherical and I thought at first that they were bubbles a child nearby was blowing, but they were too bright and too high. I would estimate they would have been the height of very low cloud had there been any. They were totally silent and we watched in awe.

They moved over our house and then formed a V before 2 of them "interacted" with each moving around one another. I later found out my son had taken some really low quality video which we were able to get a screenshot from while paused.

Are you please able to cast your opinion as to what we saw? I have attached a screenshot which is not brilliant but a reasonable account of what we witnessed. Kind regards and keep up your fascinating work




Paul Sinclair

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