Truth Proof Report 40 - black dot in the sky

Reported directly to Paul Sinclair1983-4

Report 40:

This incident happened in 1983 I believe (or 84).

I was at home from school, sick; my mother was at home also. As I remember it, we were both looking out of the front room window of our house, and a distance off we could see what I can only describe as a big black dot a few hundred metres away.

It was about a couple of hundred metres off of the ground (I'm judging this based on the distances of the surrounding area - we lived close by the River Trent and surrounded by farm fields so it was easy to judge distances in the locality).

Taking these distances into account the black dot was probably about the size of a fighter jet. Another reason behind being able to judge these sizes and distances is that not far away is RAF Scampton, and fighter jets were an everyday occurrence as they practised flying low over the River Trent. This also meant that we could identify that this object was not anything that we had seen from the RAF base, or Humberside Airport.

We looked at this object wondering what it was for a short while and then suddenly it sped off horizontally at fantastic speed to the right and out of sight. We never saw it again.

As I mentioned, we had a lot of aircraft, commercial and military flying over our house and area and we had never seen anything move at that speed before. I must add that whilst we watched it it was hovering, unmoving. No aircraft that we had seen had done that before.

correspondent wishes to remain anonymous

river trent

River Trent

flows across much of central England


Paul Sinclair

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