Truth Proof Report 37 - rotating lights in the sky

emailed to Paul Sinclair1981-82

follow-up research by Paul

Report 37:

Hi Paul, I have a UFO sighting that I would like to share. I've not told many people about my sighting because I didn't think it mattered too much. But hearing more and more of people's accounts on YouTube and podcast and such like, I thought what the heck...

I'm 47 now, but going back to the early 80s I lived in North London, in a place called Enfield. It was around 1981-82: I'm not exactly sure of the year to be honest.

Me and a couple of mates at the time were mucking about at the back of my house. It was around October - November time and about 8 o'clockish! I remember that much because it was quite dark and I wasn't allowed out too late.

As kids we used to get up to no good, jumping over people's back gardens and seeing how far we could get without getting caught ....

Anyway this night we were down the back ally of where my house was, when one of my mates shouted, "what the f... is that?"

He was pointing up at the night sky to about 11 o'clock from where we were standing. Just peering from under the clouds were a row of slow spinning white lights. The object was just stuck - not moving. The lights on what ever it was was moving in a clockwise rotation. We couldn't see any kind of shape or structure, at least, not that I can remember thinking back.

So it could have been the size just defined by the lights or even the bottom something bigger. If you held a £2 coin between your thumb and finger flat, so that the queens heads pointing to the sky and stretch your arm out, that was about the size of it. We stared at these lights, which never moved, for about a minute - it might have been more, it might have been less. They were only spinning and had no sound.

After a bit we ran round to the front of my house for some reason, this took about 20 seconds and then looked back up for it, but was gone!

Since then really all I've done is looked up at the night sky. I've seen a few more odd things which I can't explain. I write them down so I don't forget them. I know what an aeroplane looks like, because we used to live under the flight path of Stanstead and Luton airports. Also seen many a police helicopter flying about in Enfield and the ISS and satellites in the night sky are always there... All I wanna know is, are they real?

Many thanks...




a pleasant suburbia in north London


Paul Sinclair

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