Truth Proof Report 33 - cluster of moving lights

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from a nice message to Paul, 2019

Report 33:

I hope that you and yours are all well buddy.

Here’s something for you that you could perhaps shed some light on. Last night my wife Louise and I were out in our back garden observing the passing trail of StarLink satellites at just after 10.23pm.

The current batch of satellites are currently spread out by about 15 -20 secs and were travelling southwest to south east-ish.

We live one the edge of Gainsborough in Lincs, so light pollution isn’t too bad in our rear garden.

After being out there for some 5 mins or so, Louise exclaimed "What’s that?" Looking up towards the trees on Foxby Hill to the south of our house, I saw what I can only describe as a fast moving triangular group of lights (similar in magnitude to the satellites that were watching) except there appeared from what I could see to be four possibly five points of light in this small cluster. If you could have held a ten pence piece at arm’s length skyward it would have covered this group of lights.

But this is the weird bit although it was a clear night, these lights looked for want of a better word "defused" or sort of fuzzy and as they travelled overhead; they also appeared to moving around one another. I’m not sure whether this was an optical illusion, but to my eyes they appeared to be sort of revolving around each other.

Louise even reported the seeing the same effect. These objects or object passed from direct south to north and cleared our field of view in roughly 15 secs or so. Whatever this was appeared to be at altitude. There were no red and green navigation or position warning lights as seen on aircraft in the night sky, and no noise whatsoever.

It wasn’t birds with light reflecting off them and definitely wasn’t an aircraft.

Are you aware of any group of satellites that travel/orbit in close proximity to each other in a tight group? I tried some googling on he subject of satellites but couldn’t really find anything! But as I said the weird thing was that whatever this was, appeared fuzzy!! Louise described it like a Klingon Battle Cruiser de-cloaking (whatever that looks like!)

But it was certainly a strange event which left me feeling quite startled or for want of a better word, unnerved. All I could keep saying was "what the f#ck was that?"

I don’t know whether you can offer any explanation as to what it may have been, with your knowledge of satellites and night objects? But I haven’t seen anything like this, had it not been fuzzy and appearing to move around each other I would have said it was a satellite group of some description.

"anonymity being checked"  


Paul Sinclair

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