Truth Proof Report 34 - Triangular lights over Bridlington

Reported directly to Paul Sinclair2019

follow-up research by Paul

Report 34:

8 FEB 2019, 13:59 Hi Paul. I have a strange experience to report. It was the 28th Jan around 6.30/7pm. I noticed something strange in the sky. It flew slowly over my Dad's house. It consisted of three orange lights all moving together, that is the distance between the seemed to be fixed. I could hear no noise; although they/it seemed to be going over quite low. It was met by a red flashing light, then both the three orange lights and the red light moved off together. They formed a triangle shape. I've been Googling TR3b. It looked a bit like that. This was in Mill Lane, Bridlington.

"anonymous witness"  


Paul Sinclair

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