Truth Proof Report 27 - sea angler's experience of a strange figure

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follow-up research by Paul

Report 27:

Beach Angler

January 2020

Young man fishing the beach at Hornsea.

Time 12.10 approximately, one hour before high tide.

The weather and sea conditions were very rough on the beach so he moved close to the small sea wall. He tucked himself down beside the wall and sheltered from the terrible conditions

He remembers checking his watch and the time was 12.10am That was when he noticed a very small thin figure walking along the shoreline.

He sat a few moments watching it walk, amazed that someone would be so close to the shore in those conditions, it was very small about 5 feet tall and very thin.

He said that if it was human it had to be a woman.

It was completely black from head to toe.

And its arms moved in military fashion but the legs moved different.

He watched it for a short time then felt the urge to stand up. At that exact moment the dark figure instantly stopped walking.

He said he felt as though this thing was shocked that it had been seen. Like it did not want to be seen. Then over a period of about 6 seconds the figure sort of pixelated and vanished.

At that moment he suddenly began feeling very scared and phoned his dad, told him what had happened and asked him to come right away. His dad arrived less than 5 minutes later.

The time between making the phone call to being picked up and arriving back home. Should not have taken more that 15 minutes. Yet incredibly when he arrived home he says the time was 1.37 a.m.. If this is correct he has over of 80 minutes of missing time.

He has no recall of anything happening during that time.

With his permission I contacted the local paper. They interviewed him and wrote an article.

From that news paper article I have now discovered that for years anglers along that stretch of coastline claim to have been spooked by the sound of footsteps walking towards them and seeing a figure on the beach, then looking again and no one is there.

"beach angler"  

radio 270 ship


typical coastline, soft sand and soil, much erosion


Paul Sinclair

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