Truth Proof Report 235 ~ a huge oval light

May 2007

emailed report from Monkeymail of Yorkshire

This is about a huge oval light source that was situated RIGHT over the fields on the A170 road heading towards Scarborough, on the East Yorkshire coast. It appeared to be behind the cloud that was there, and it was large: almost filling the entire cloud with room either side. It went from left to right over and over. The time was approx 3.30am - may have been slightly later or slightly earlier. I think it was during the month of May, 2007.

It was so worrying that had to stop the car, rather than drive closer to the area to gather my confidence to continue driving, and I am not a timid person.

The light was not caused by a laser style light and had no beam. The oval light in or behind the cloud was defined and the size was large enough to take my breath away, so to speak. I started to think "UFO" and the fear of abduction. I didn't really want to drive on.

But had to continue with the journey. As was trying to get to hospital in Scarborough.

I had a young child in the car. I stopped in a village due to fear, and saw a milk van parked. It was a milk-woman delivering to the houses. I got out of my car and spoke to her. It was nice seeing another person on route.. hopefully to give some normality to it all. I mentioned the light and cloud. She was heading in the opposite direction and had just come from the direction the light appeared to be. She had noticed the light too and said she had no idea what it was, but had never seen it before. Hardly any cars were coming from that direction so it was a worrying journey.



Paul: Thanks for your report - your nervousness during the event comes through very clearly


Paul Sinclair

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