Truth Proof Report 234 ~ triangle of lights

May 2024

emailed reports from Dave W of Hull, East Yorks

I was just sitting in my backyard and noticed a pitch-black object in the sky moving at a fair pace. The wind was a slight south westerly. The object was moving west but not with the prevailing wind. I got my binoculars on it and it looked like it was made up of 3 sections.

They where circular: I could discern 3 in a sort of triangular shape.

I briefly cleaned the binocular lenses that took seconds and it was gone absolutely no sign of whatever it was. Even if it had been a balloon it had just disappeared!

But what got me was how one minute it was there then gone? It was like a black moving spot against a blue sky so anyone looking up would have seen it!

I'm a sky watcher in general and always have my binoculars to hand. A few years ago before I was aware of your work once again during the day I saw something similar flying against the prevailing wind similar shape but it was a coppery colour and glinted in the sun it was slowly rotating coming to a standstill then moving again! Fascinating. A few weeks later I was watching a programme called paranormal - one of the clips shown was of an object in California and it was as near as damn it what I had seen!


Dave W, Hull

Paul: Thanks for your e mails Dave. We seem to see this sort of thing all the way down the east coast.


Paul Sinclair

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