Truth Proof Report 236 ~ ghost-like man


emailed report from Heidi

Hiyas Paul,

First off thank you for all you do, I watch everything on the YouTube, although never in the live audience as the time isn’t great for me.

You asked about people’s experiences.

I have had a few odd experiences, but the oddest one was as follows.

Date was sometime in 2010 - I am afraid I don’t remember the date exactly. I was working nights from my home for a national newspaper 7 days on 7 days off 8pm - 5am. I was the only person working at that time and as I worked from home sometimes I would hop onto Skype whilst working and chat to some friends. At the time we lived in a mid 19th century terraced house in West London.

I wasn’t overly tired, as I had worked this shift pattern for a while. I do have a longstanding interest in UFOs, cryptids etc, but I really have no interest in ghosts or spirits, in fact I actively do not listen to or watch content about that as the skeptic in me finds it boring and the careful open minded critical thinker in the paranormal in me doesn’t want anything that could be around to get any ideas!

It was around 1am and I was chatting whilst working. My desk was at the back end of the lounge and I was facing towards the front of the lounge and I could see the door into the hall from the right hand side of me, at around the 2pm position if that makes sense.

There was nobody else in the house awake at that time and the house was quiet. I was talking to two friends, glanced away from my computer briefly and through the door to the lounge I “saw” the transparent outline of a man come into the room, walking with a jaunty step. I couldn’t see him, but saw the outline of him and his clothing (working men’s short jacket, baggy trousers and a cap). I had heard no talk at that time of the “predator effect” but now when I look back to that event it is the only way I can describe what I saw. There was no mass to this figure, no colour, no features - he was like a three dimensional figure that was transparent but it was possible to make out from the outline what he was wearing. He disappeared as soon as he was three steps into the room.

Naturally I stopped talking to my friends, and just said to them “I’ve just seen something very weird, and I don’t want to say out loud what it was.”. I was rather shook up (naturally!) but deflected questions about it. I in fact deflected questions about it until I next saw them in person (about a year later). I just felt I didn’t want to acknowledge or speak of what I had seen in the house - in the house! I actually did not mention it to my husband until much later and again not in the house.

I didn’t feel any change in atmosphere (apart from my shock and fear after the event), and nothing like that happened again in that house.

We now live in a refurbished Victorian Asylum which had a few issues when we moved in but I asked in a respectful manner if we could live together happily and all has been well since.

Happy to come onto the stream to talk about it (but audio only please), but to be honest this account uses the best words I can come up with to describe what I saw.

In other news, my sister and I are coming to Bempton in September and staying at Granary Cottage so we can do lots of skywatches and cliff trips, we are bringing a thermal and a night vision camera and will be deploying a trailcam as I think the area is close to where the WHIT group saw their road crossing cryptid a while back. It would be really good to meet you, so I hope we get a chance to do so on the cliffs. I’ve followed you for ages and you kindly signed Jenny’s books for her birthday which got her well and truly into all things Bempton!

Hope this account is useful for you, and looking forward to September!



Paul: Great report Heidi. Thanks you - see my message to you


Paul Sinclair

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