Truth Proof Report 233 ~ lights in the sky

May 2024

Messaged reports from Mark A

10-05-2024 01.30


Orange light

During a photo shoot of the Northern Lights from the harbour, a very bright orange coloured light was observed in the Eastern sky to suddenly appear about 15 degrees above the horizon, growing quickly in intensity and size.

This was clearly larger and brighter than any star might be observable in even a clear night sky and slowly moved on a horizontal trajectory on what appeared to be a S - N bearing. This was clearly observable in motion for about 2 seconds before it suddenly disappeared. The relative speed would be equivalent to a light aircraft travelling at cruising speed around 2 - 3 miles from the observer.

No strobing or other colours were visible other than a solid single light of mid-orange colour. The light was regarded as travelling too slowly for typical shooting star velocity and was relatively too large and bright to be considered satellite flare.

11-05-2024 23.00


Green light

I live in Dundee (Next to Fife and the old Leuchars Air Base, now Army Barracks) so like 15 mins ago.. I was walking back from a comedy show in the town.. I looked up and there is this green flashing light zoomed overhead.. just offset from where the city centre is... the flashing light came to a dead stop.. seemed to rotate.. then took off again ... stopped.. did the same.. It did this a few times.

I thought it was a police drone looking for someone but the speed it went at was much faster than any of the other police drones i've seen. It eventually went over the river.... then along the river a bit before I lost sight. Seemed to be heading towards Fife. My only assumption was that this was a military drone judging by the speed of it and the distance it travelled.. I mean.. it was pretty nippy... How fast does a police or army official drone move? And how high up do they go..

I think this was maybe at cloud height judging by how I lost sight of it over the river.. but could well have been lower.. no noise. No drone buzzing so it was far enough away to mask that.. . it for sure wasn't a domestic drone.. it was too stable and smooth and fast.


Paul: Thanks for these comprehensive reports Mark


Paul Sinclair

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