Truth Proof Report 232 ~ light in the sky

12th May 2024

Messaged report from John A of Hull

Interesting light over west Hull on Sunday night travelling west to east approx 21:20pm. I checked on the trackers for ISS and the Chinese SS and neither were anywhere near at the time.

No flashing or coloured lights ~ it did appear to be elongated.

It was very odd, I have seen the ISS many times and the starlink satellites. And it looked very different to those.

I checked the tracking sites first both the ISS and the Tiangogng with neither anywhere near the UK at that time. There very much could be a straight forward and rational explanation for what this was, but it was unusual enough that I felt the need to try and capture it best I could. Certainly odd. From my perspective and where I am in Anlaby Park I would say its trajectory would take it over Bridlington bay (Hornsea area) within minutes of me seeing it. I checked the time on the photo and I took it at 22:38.

See my photos and film below.

John A


Paul: Thanks for this John - who knows? :-) Nice to be in touch again and good wishes duly passed on to your old colleague, Don


John's photos and mp4


Paul Sinclair

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