Truth Proof Report 231 ~ blue light in the sky

7th April 2024

Good morning Paul.

Just another report of something a bit unusual for you.

On Sunday 7th April 2024 at 22.49 hours I was driving home from work along the B1248, heading south out of Wharram le Street.

There was broken cloud in the sky with patches of clear sky. As I drove south I glanced up to the sky to my right which would have been looking west, when I got sight of an amazingly bright sphere of blue white light travelling at some speed across the sky. This came from the east heading west.

The light was continually steady and did not change in brightness or colour. I had it in my observations for around five seconds before it disappeared. It appeared to be below the cloud base which appeared to be quite high. It was almost like someone was shining a very bright and powerful lamp or torch from an aircraft, but clearly this was not an aircraft as there were no other lights visible on it.

I question if this perhaps was an ultra bright meteor? However I have seen a few meteors in my time observing the sky and they have always changed colour as they enter the atmosphere, from bright blue to green as they travel. The other point to note is that this was seen below the cloud base. An interesting one to ponder!

Many thanks Paul.

Steve T.


Paul: Thanks for e mailing this to me, Steve. One more example of strange light above us. Keep in touch.


Paul Sinclair

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