Truth Proof Report 230 ~ More lights in the sky

December 13th 2023

Hi Paul

I listen to The Unexplained & got your name from there. I wanted to document a UFO sighting that I had recently & would be interested to hear if there are any similar reports.

I live at Lakeside, Doncaster & walk around the lake & connecting cycle paths most evenings. I have walked around the lake thousands of times.

On 13 Dec 23 about 7pm, I was walking up the east side of the lake & had just passed the Travelodge there. I looked out westwards across the lake (a similar view to the pic below) & saw three individual balls of light in the sky. They were travelling south along the lake in a triangle formation.

I’m familiar with seeing helicopters passing over & would say that they were at this kind of height & probably a similar size & shape to the cabin part of a helicopter. However, there were no flashing lights & no sounds. The objects were orange & looked a bit like orange street lighting in their colour. Their movement looked a bit jittery & I quickly realised that these were unusual.

As I watched, one of the outer objects (the one nearest me) suddenly peeled off travelled quickly across the sky. The other two slowed & turned slightly in the direction it had gone (eastwards). It then travelled back to rejoin the ‘formation’.

As it rejoined, the other outer object did the same thing & shot off in the opposite direction westwards. The others slowed & turned slightly to face it. This object then returned to the formation. All 3 then travelled westwards towards Doncaster City Centre & I eventually lost sight of them. I can’t be sure but it seemed that they extinguished their lights but were still in the sky.

I’ve seen drones around the lake & seagulls roost there in the evenings. However, neither explain what I saw. The orange light remained consistent & didn’t dim when they changed direction i.e. it was emanating from the objects & wasn’t being reflected in some way.

I felt that the objects were aware of my presence & the moves were deliberate - like they were playing in some way.

The weather was good with clear skies. There were people around the lake but nobody in my vicinity at the time. I was so overwhelmed at the time that I didn’t think to try & record it.

As far as I can see, there were no reports of sightings in the local press & people I’ve told have been very sceptical.

However, I know what I saw & this can’t be explained by conventional means. I’ve attached a photo & would be happy to provide more detail if this is of interest Kind regards




Paul: Thanks for this David. Yet another report of lights in the sky, at times in formation which cannot be explained. The reports are gradually building up a picture of a relatively common but inexplicable phenomenon.


View near the sighting.


Paul Sinclair

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