Truth Proof Report 229 ~ Three objects in the sky

New Year's Eve 2013-2014

Hi Paul

I've been a watcher of yours for a couple of years! I want to report a sighting I had on New Year's Eve, 2024. I am a taxi driver in Middlesbrough.....

I was driving down Eston with two passengers: a lady and an older gentleman; the time was around 11.30pm to 11.45 pm. I saw two flying objects at first flying directly over the River Tees and then followed the route of the river all the way out to the sea. When they crossed the bay, I noticed that there were more than two - there were three!

I couldn't make out the exact shape, but they looked circular. They had one large red glowing light - it was not flashing, but was a solid light. When I got to the traffic lights I parked up to take a better look. At this point I said to my passengers, "What's that in the sky?", and the lady who was in the back seat had also seen them, and her words - not mine -"Well it looks like a UFO".

Anyway once they got to the Tees Port they split up and disappeared.

There was no engine sound at all. When I dropped off the customers in Eston, I straight away opened my Flight Tracker to see if there were helicopters or a plane in the area. I saw nothing over Teesside or the sea around Teesside, north or south.

I love your videos and have one of your books. I hope this report helps. Thanks mate...




Paul: Thanks for this Adil. I am glad you enjoy the books and video. It is everyday reports like this that keeps us going.....


Paul Sinclair

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