Truth Proof Report 228 ~ Two silver triangles

Date Late summer 2014

Hi Paul

Here is the account of a sighting myself and my husband saw whilst camping at Mortehoe Devon - our exact location is a bit of a guess from memory because we were touring in our camper van and had simply pulled in for the night but I believe we were pitched at North Morte farm in late summer 2013

We were sitting outside our camper van under the awning facing the sea . It was a Sunday morning , I remember that because we were eating croissants which were reserved and funnily enough still are reserved for our weekend treat , and drinking a coffee - probably around 9-10 am

The weather that day was calm and clear I don't recall any particular breeze but I remember the sky being virtually cloudless and we were looking straight over the cliff out towards the coast .

Two silver triangles either moving together one above the other or one object that appeared to be shaped like two triangles shone in the sky as the sun bounced off it .It appeared from nowhere it was very bright and shiny which is why it was difficult to assess an exact shape but we both agree 'they' were both triangles. Possibly as large as a helicopter but at some distance away and quite high in the sky to begin with they stayed long enough for us to both get our binoculars out to watch and surmise what they might be for a while, which we did but again with the light bouncing off the shine made it difficult to see clearly , we must have watched this for a few minutes then they moved very quickly - as in whizzed off the edge of the binocular lenses so we had to look again with the naked eye to re-locate them and lets say if they had been on the end of a stick at 1 o clock to us before they were now at 8 o clock , still high but a huge shift that happened in the blink of an eye.

Now we knew we were looking at something unusual. We watched again through binoculars for maybe a few minutes more until it disappeared into the sky completely , we didn't see it move it just wasn't there anymore.

I have attached a photo of the campsite I believe is the one we were at , if it wasn't this one it was located very similarly and the same proximity to the cliffs and coast path but it shows the view we would had been looking at .

We hope this is of some interest to you and the Truth Proof team


Rebecca and Mark


Paul: What a great an powerful sighting - daylight, more than one witness, clearly strange activity. I envy you this one. Thanks so much for sharing.


Paul Sinclair

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