Truth Proof Report 227 ~ Lights in the sky - the ones that Paul Sinclair saw!

Date 30th January 2024

Good afternoon Paul & Don.

Hope you are both well.

A really spectacular report for you (Paul already aware)

On Tuesday 30th January 2024 I arrived home from work around 1710 hours and because it was a clear evening I felt an almost compelling need to go out and do a bit of astronomy. So, at 1815 hours I gathered a few items such as warm clothing and my binoculars and went out on foot to a place where I know is a good dark spot which is on Southfield Well Balk in Wetwang, East Yorkshire. As I walked south along that road I became aware of a bright gold ball of light moving through the sky just to my right and almost directly above my head. It disappeared very quickly when I started looking at it. I continued to walk south along the road towards a farmhouse called “The Spinney”. I then noticed what I can only describe as two bright streaks of gold light over to the east very low down near the horizon. They were similar to two massive rocket fireworks which seemed to be leaving a trail of sparks behind them. Those also disappeared after a couple of seconds.

I again continued to walk very slowly south along the road I was on and then while looking out to the east again, over the North Sea I was initially shocked and then exited to see lights appearing and disappearing in the sky. Sometimes there was only one light, then maybe two, three then only one again. They were extremely bright and to the naked eye appeared to be a golden red colour. When viewed through binoculars they were twinkling red and green light. Those lights would re-appear in different parts of the nearby sky. I almost immediately rang Paul Sinclair and after I had introduced myself, he asked me “Are you watching the lights?”. Paul asked where I was which is approximately 15 miles inland from the east coast as the crow flies. Paul then told me he was at Bempton cliffs watching the same lights and recording them. Bempton cliffs are approximately 19 miles from where I was standing in a straight line. He said he was also recording my phone-call of what I was witnessing. Our phone conversation ended and I continued to watch these lights appearing and then disappearing. At one point, around 6 of these lights appeared in a line across the sky. There was no sound from them, and no vapour trails etc. The sky was very clear and there was no wind. The temperature was approximately 2 Celsius.

I was stood watching these lights for around twenty five minutes before they stopped appearing. Following this, I then saw what appeared to be at least two military jets approaching the area from the west. They were notable as they only had slow flashing red lights like military aircraft do have. They were not tracking on a well known flight radar application, neither was there any aircraft shown in the area of the lights out over the sea.

Continuing on, I looked up into the west sky and saw around 14 white lights appear in a staggered line, and as I took my mobile phone out to try and get a photo or video, they disappeared as quickly as they appeared. These could have been a small group of starlink satellites but unconfirmed, however this was odd as they appeared following the sighting of the lights out over the sea.

I did try hard to get images or a video of the lights over the sea but my phone just produced dark fuzzy images with nothing of note visible.

All in all it was a very interesting and bizarre night. I felt very privileged to have witnessed the lights over the sea.

Many Thanks for your time.



Paul: Thanks Steve - nice to work with you - thanks for the call. Thanks for the write-up too.


Paul Sinclair

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