Truth Proof Report 226 ~ The Urban Dogman

Date of main experience - 2004

Hi Paul,

I have experienced a few things over the years mainly UFO/UAP sightings but after watching your channel for a while now I would like to tell you about a Dogman experience I had when I was a teenager, roughly around 18. It isn’t the usual out in the countryside kind of sighting and there is some strangeness to it but I am convinced it happened.

I grew up in Whitehaven on the West Coast of Cumbria (West Cumbria) which is a small to medium sized ex mining town roughly 11 miles north west of Sellafield Nuclear power plant. As I mentioned I was a teenager, I can’t remember the date or exact year but I was around 18 years old (im 39 next month). I was in bed in the box room of the house when I woke up suddenly, wide awake. For some reason I was drawn to the window and I opened my curtains and had a look outside.

Around 50ft away was a neighbour's house and on the corner of the road a little patch of grass with a cherry blossom tree that we used to climb when we were younger. On the roof of my neighbours house I was quite astonished when I saw a big - well what can only be described as a Dogman. It was sitting in a perched position but not like a dog sits, more like a human crouching in a squat. I was stood at the window watching it when it moved from the roof and walked down the side of the house (almost like a sider would) on all fours onto the garage roof then down the side and through the garden, over the wall and then up the cheery blossom tree. The Cherry blossom tree wasn’t huge, but it almost stepped up into it, this thing was big and it was muscular.

I checked on Google street maps and the tree is still there and must be around 15 feet tall.

It was holding onto the tree with one hand (I remember it having a claw like hand rather then a paw) as if it was looking around and it was a silver blueish colour from what I could tell by the lights of the street lamp. One thing to note is back then the road still had the amber coloured street lights. It locked eyes with me and then came bounding down the road towards my house and disappeared for a second, then its head appeared at my window and it was massive. Big red/amber glowing eyes but I couldn’t see any discernible pupil, more like red glowing snooker balls, and probably around that size or bigger. It had an almost aggressive look or annoyed look on its face. The head must have been twice the size of mine at least.

Then I woke up in bed in the morning thinking that was some weird dream, but it didn’t feel like a dream. Everything was exactly in the right place in the street from the telegraph pole to the fascia bush outside of the house on the lawn to my dad’s car.

One of the strange things I remember was the movement, it didn’t look natural, almost like claymation (think Jason and the Argonauts) with a kind of fuzziness to it, an etherial quality.

Anyway fast forward to present day and I stumbled across your YouTube channel and saw you taking about Dogmen, and I thought I saw that, maybe it wasn’t a dream!

Just thought I would share this with you. I’m not sure if I have written this very succinctly so if you have any questions I would be more than happy to answer.




Paul: Thanks Drew - fascinating report. Compelling description.


Paul Sinclair

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