Truth Proof Report 225 ~ various lights in the sky over Filey

Date of main experience - October 2011

Hi Paul,

In 2008, I was at the Pastures play area in Filey. My friend had invited me out to play and we were at the play park on the swings. We heard some noises above us so we both looked up and in way up in the sky were two triangular aircraft. Each corner had a red light on it and the centre was white. They moved in a 360 degree way, almost like a helicopter would be able to but moved as quickly as a plane, they didn't behave like a normal aircraft would. They stayed in the sky for about 10-15 minutes and then flew off instantaneously at unseen speeds.

It was in 2010, I was 16 and it was like any typical night in Filey. I had never truly been a believer at this point, I was told stories, seen movies but never settled for a conclusion on the topic of UFOs. It was around 7-8pm, I was heading up to my friend Katie's house so in preparation for that I went to let my dog Sasha out. My house was located on Rutland Street in Filey, the garden was small and it had a thin stoney garden leading to a back alley area where people could park. It's still there now.

Sasha was frozen stiff but shaking. I held the door open in confusion and prompted her get out of the door; she slowly crept out of the door with me in tow. While stood in the back alley with her, all sound seemed to have vanished. The usual seagulls, cars, wind or other people around the area or in their homes seemed to have vacated the area completely. I remember hearing my own heart beating and I felt like I was being watched, the air had a sharpness to it.

I was scared, so I looked over to my dog for some sort of reassurance that I was safe, but she was frozen again and then above us in the sky moving in a way I've never seen before, was an orange orb. Sasha, who as far as I can remember, was never scared of anything, ran back into the house. This orb zig-zagged across the sky above me, moving erratically towards the sea. Little sparks of orange electricity followed in its trail. I was flabbergasted and unable to truly comprehend what I was seeing.

Then before I knew it, two unidentified human aircraft which I always assumed were fighter jets were chasing after this orange orb, following it as though they were locked on to it. Suddenly, without warning, an enormous rupture of thunder could be heard followed by what felt like the heaviest rainfall I've ever experienced. All sound seemed to come back and I rushed back inside fearful of my life.

A year later when I was 17, I was up at Country Car Park in Filey. This was around 9pm in October. I was sitting with my friend in his car. Nothing out of the ordinary was happening. But then some distance away directly from Filey Brigg, 7 lights appeared out of nowhere, forming an upside down '7'.

These lights would move as a formation left to right in the sky, then they would move individually but then reform the upside down '7'. They would then disappear and reappear in sky, reappearing in new places far away from the original location. This happened for about 15-20 minutes until fighter jets came and the lights moved to the left of the Brigg and flew away at unreal speeds.

I know this must sound crazy, but I opened your book Truth Proof, I saw a section on lights appearing in the sky and I felt I had to say something.

I've never really spoken to this to anyone. My mother Virginia and my Step Dad Chris also saw the orange orb that flew over Filey, to the best of my knowledge, it could have been the same night, but they were driving towards Bridlington and saw the orb at a different angle followed by aircraft.

I know you must get stories like this a lot, so I'm sorry if it comes across like a garbled mess, I'm not an expert in description. But if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Kind Regards,



Paul: Thanks Jake. No, nothing wrong with your writing - it all comes over very well. Some enviable experiences there. Interesting the military presences. As you will be aware, not unusual in these parts. All deniable of course.....


Paul Sinclair

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