Truth Proof Report 224 ~ a deer's head and eeriness

Date of experience - 11th February 2023

Hi Paul,

Hi Paul, my name is Stephen. I have thought about emailing you for some time but have always put it off because people never believe what we have to say regarding UFOs , paranormal etc , even my family don’t believe so I tend to keep things to my self.

I am a subscriber to your channel and really enjoy it. One of the reasons I’m now emailing you is during tonight’s video Sunday 14th Jan 24, you mentioned 2-3 times regarding the fear factor. I live in Hertfordshire and regularly go up to Rendlesham forest 2-3 times a month and have done so for the past 4 years.

Most of the time I go with my wife and some times I go on my own; it can be early morning or evening time, I’ve walked around Rendlesham forest at 6am on my own and have not seen another person. It can be a bit eerie, but on this occasion I went with my wife: it was February 11th 2023 approximately 10am when we got there.

We normally take one of the trails that are marked out and come back to the car for lunch. Then, off we go again on a different route. But what happened on this date changed things for me.

I made my way to the (model) black UFO that is located in Rendlesham forest, but I didn’t follow the tourist route as this is not the route that the military took back in 1980. We were getting close to the black ufo and I came across two deer heads lying on the floor, approximately 20 meters apart. At the time I joked "is it a black cat or aliens" - even a passer-by laughed.

I looked for the rest of the body in the surrounding area, but couldn’t find it or any signs of blood. It’s as if someone had just put them there. I just thought some one was playing a joke, so we just proceeded to the ufo, had a drink, and after about 10 minutes we walked off and turned right. But I always like to look in the Capel Green field just in case a genuine ufo were to land.

As we walked along the path - as we have done so many times - I joked with my wife 'shall we jump over the fallen tree that has been there for some time'. She had jeans on and they were a bit tight so she struggled to get over. Once we both got over the fallen tree, things changed for me, something wasn’t right. I felt really frighted. As if we were being watched or followed.

I was really scared - I’ve never felt like this before in my life! As we walked, I kept looking back, all the way back to the car which was another 20-30 minute walk. At one point my wife asked why I kept stopping and looking behind all the time; I just said I thought I heard a deer, but I couldn’t tell her the truth as I felt helpless and silly.

To this day she still doesn’t know how I felt. I just remember the more we walked the fear got worse. At one point I had tears in my eyes as I felt something was going to happen. We got back to the car in the main car park and I was shaking, I had to sit down and have a drink. Normally we have lunch and go off again for another walk but when my wife suggested a route, I said my knee was hurting and that could we go home. Once I got into the car and drove off and was heading towards Woodbridge I was so glad I was out of there.

When I got home, I was completely fine and back to my normal self. I left it three months before I went back as I was so frightened even then I stayed close by to the main car park. What I have put down in writing can not describe how I felt and I never want to feel like it again. In all the time I’ve been going to Rendlesham the only other thing that does happen is the birds that sing will suddenly stop and it’s completely silent; then you carry on and the birds start to sing again. Maybe that’s normal for a forest with wildlife in. To this day I still do not understand what I felt, and why.


Paul: Thanks Stephen. A very compelling description.

rendlesham forest
deer's head

two photographs by Stephen of the event


Paul Sinclair

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