Truth Proof Report 223 ~ UFO in the sky and landing

Date of sighting 2021

Hi Paul,

My name is Jason, I’m 50 years old and I live in Hastings, East Sussex.

I would like to inform you of my visual experience I had driving back from Ashford, Kent. Where I have visited my sister, as it was my nieces birthday. I had arrived with them early doors around 10am and left them at around 1pm. The date was 23/05/2021 this was on a Sunday afternoon. The skies were clear without a single cloud in the sky, (there was no clouds at all), it was a beautiful sunny afternoon.

When leaving Ashford you have two options to drive, via Tenterden or Romney Marsh via Rye in East Sussex. I always drive via Rye as the road is better with the bypass, slightly longer but the roads aren't so bendy.

So this is where my experience starts and honestly I don’t think a day has passed where I don’t think about what I saw that afternoon. this experience has affected me. Life will never be the same for me and my overall outlook on things.

So I was heading back to Hastings via the Brenzett and Hamstreet bypass. Whilst on the bypass I saw this small white object pierce the blue sky out towards the sea. This object was heading straight towards me as it grew in size, as I was driving. This whole experience lasted no longer than 25 to 30 seconds. The object which was shaped like the end of a bar of soap. That’s how I described it to myself at the time. But after further investigation it was TicTac shaped. This object that I saw was like the TacTac shaped UFO.

The strange thing is, I saw this object as it pierced the blue sky! Now my eyes could have been looking at anything, but they happen to be looking straight at it as it appeared. It headed towards me at tremendous speed as it grew in size. This object was brilliant white. It came down towards me but I lost sight behind the trees that line the road. These are like tall wind breaker trees used on fields, they line the road and the field. These would be visible looking at Google Earth. So for a split second I thought that’s it i’ve lost sight as it approached the ground. I knew it was in the field the other side of the trees due it's hight and angle it approached at.

I was trying to look through the trees whilst driving, then I spotted what I can honestly say was a grey craft with black markings, hovering in the field to my left. This was just after the Ivychurch junction heading south. The Craft/UFO hovered for around 10 seconds then took off exactly the same way it arrived. I saw the object accelerate at high speed out of view again, then appear above the trees and disappear into the blue sky out towards the sea (exactly as it entered). The speed this craft was travelling was unbelievable. The whole experience last around the 25 to 30 seconds mark.

I knew within seconds of seeing this UFO even before it landed, I’m experiencing something I can’t explain to myself. This was my first thought that came in to my head as it headed towards me. It was the speed it travelled at that I can’t explain, nothing can travel these speeds Paul. This is my honest assessment of what happened that afternoon and will live with me forever.

This UFO hovered around 50 feet from the ground and was around 200 to 300 yards away from the road in the field as a rough estimate. The marking were black and the edges looked angular/sharp. But whilst in the air the object was jet white oval like the TicTac UFO documented.

This is my honest account of what happened that day and i’m happy to speak with you or go on record if you would like to follow this up with a quick interview. I will leave my details below just in case.

I don’t know if you have other information within the Romney Marsh area?

Thanks for your continued work and I enjoy listening to you on The Unexplained with Howard Hughes… It’s always a great listen with you on the show 👍

Thank you for taking the time and listening to my life changing experience.

Name: Jason N


Paul: Thanks Jason, I really envy you this experience. They don't come more real than this! I have already mailed you - what time would be best to phone you for a further chat.....


Paul Sinclair

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