Truth Proof Report 222 - dark craft in the sky with lights

Date of sighting 1977

Hi Paul,

Hi Paul. This is a sighting in November 1977 at the Philips tumble drier factory in Lightcliffe, Halifax by my wife, her sister and a work colleague as they got off the bus.

They worked the evening shift. It would have been the 1st or 2nd Tuesday of November. I remember the sky was very clear and threatened a frosty night. When they got off the bus they saw a 'dark shape' to the south west silhouetted against the evening sky moving towards them. My wife said she could see lights on it. a red light on the left and a green light on the right as she looked at it. Between them was what she described as a very bright, very large, flashing white light. She described it as like a photo-flood light.

There was no sound coming from it and it appeared to be quite low so she would have heard it had it been an aircraft..

Now being a bit of an aviation buff (I flew RC models back then) I knew straight away that this was no aircraft as the 'nav lights' were reversed unless it was flying backwards. It moved over the factory towards Bailiff Bridge where it was seen by a work colleague of mine who told me of it the following morning. He described it exactly as my wife had.

The following day, at work, I found a copy of the Halifax Courier of a couple of days earlier in it was an article about a UFO seen over Luddenden Foot, further up the valley; it mentioned a researcher's name and contact number (Trevor or Terry Whitaker if my memory serves me). I contacted him and he came to interview my wife. He informed us that he had contacted Leeds and Manchester ATC and there was nothing showing on their radars at the time of the sighting.

I have tried to find a report of it in various UFO organisations to no avail.

Best wishes

Mike D


Paul: A great report - so good when somebody else independent of the observer also has a sighting.


Paul Sinclair

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