Truth Proof Report 221 - flying triangle, and more....

Date of sighting 1997 & following

Hi Paul,

I've been pondering on whether to email you for quite a while to share my own UFO sightings, but I live outside of your usual area of interest. The sightings were all in Bradford, West Yorkshire, where I grew up (I've since moved away to Cumbria). Given your last book also included material about events outside of the North and East Yorkshire coastal area, I thought there would be no harm in sending you this material.

The first thing I need to tell you is that it was all a long time ago and I really wish I had reported what I saw to an organisation soon after they occurred. The passage of time has definitely taken much of the detail away, so I can't provide you with a lot of information. The second thing is to say that, whilst growing up, I was very much into UFOs and very curious about the paranormal, so I'm probably not so objective or critical with what happened to me.

I think it was 1997 and during summer, I think July or August. I was about 21 or so and I still lived with my parents in a neighbourhood in the south of Bradford called Bierley, which is just to the east of the M606 motorway. I was out late one evening with my Dad walking our dog, perhaps some time between 8pm and 9pm. It was beginning to get dark though there was still some light, and we had just emerged from Bierley Woods and were walking across some fields back towards Bierley Lane, where we lived. The irony is that my conversation with my Dad was about UFOs (I can't remember exactly what though) and then suddenly what I can only describe as a large triangle flew right over our heads and towards the direction of Bradford City Centre. My Dad said 'Well if that isn't a UFO, I don't know what is!' and we were amazed by it.

I really can't remember much detail about it now other than it was dark coloured, I think there were white lights at the tips of each edge of the triangle, and it flew perfectly silently. Bierley is on the top of a hill and it is quite a steep climb down into the City Centre, and I remember it looked like it was keeping the same distance from the ground beneath it so beginning to drop down as it headed in the City Centre's direction. My Dad later said he thought it was going to land somewhere, so it also looked to be dropping down from his point of view.

We probably only saw it for a few seconds. We both ran to try and keep up with it, managing to cross the outer ring road and then into Bowling Cemetary, which has a really clear view of the City Centre. It became clear as we got into the Cemetary that it had gone from view.

When we got home, I do remember wanting to phone somebody to make a report whilst it was all still fresh in my mind, and I was sure that I had a phone number somewhere for a UK-based organisation in one of my UFO books, but my Mum persuaded me not to do so. She was paranoid that there could be some sort of negative consequences for us if I did. I really wish I had anyway, or at least done so later when they were out, but I decided to respect her wishes and I didn't file any sort of report with anyone.

My next experience was either in 1998 or 1999 and it was later in the year, perhaps October or November. I was waiting for a bus on Bierley Lane to go into the City Centre as I was going out for a drinks do to celebrate a co-worker's birthday. It must have been after 7pm and it was already dark. As I waited at the bus stop, I was looking across eastward in the direction of Bierley Estate, which is a large social housing area. Well over the rooftops was something that looked like a cotton bud with large lights at each end and something cylindrical in between them. The lights at each end seemed to change colour and the whole thing appeared to be slightly swaying from side to side. There was absolutely no sound and it seemed to be slowly moving from left to right. There were other people walking in the streets below and I was absolutely amazed that nobody else seemed to have noticed it.

My bus arrived within a couple of minutes of me spotting this UFO and I did get on it, but then went upstairs and to the back window so I could keep it in view for as long as possible. By the time the bus had got to the top of Bierley Lane and the outer ring road, the UFO had disappeared from view. I did talk to a few people about what I'd seen when I finally arrived at the pub for drinks, but I don't think anyone took me seriously.

The other material I want to share with you is third party as it comes from my late Grandmother, Dorothy Barber. She was on my Mum's side of the family and they only lived a little from us down Bierley Lane. Unfortunately, my parents' relationship with my grandparents wasn't great and there were occasions when the family fell out. There had been a period of some years where they weren't talking to one another before things got sort of patched up. Well, enough for us to begin speaking to them again and visiting them.

My grandmother told me about a sighting of a UFO that she had during the period we weren't talking, though she was never clear about exactly when it occurred other than during an evening when it was getting dark. She had got upstairs to close the curtains of their back bedroom and when she got there she could see this object flying in the sky outside. It was like a large white light with lots of spokes coming out and smaller white lights attached to these. It slowly flew over the house from the direction of the M6060 towards Bierley Estate. My Grandmother ran into the front bedroom to catch sight of it as it flew over the roof and she opened a window at the front and said there was no sound from it. It continued in the same direction and disappeared from view. She shouted down to my Grandfather during this experience but he was too distracted by watching TV to hear her.

The only possible way of narrowing down when this happened was that, at some point during the 1980s I think, perhaps the late '80's, the local Telegraph and Argus newspaper ran a report entitled something like 'Strange Lights Seen Over Bradford'. My parents, my brother and myself had been staying with our other grandparents, who lived in Pickering in North Yorkshire, and when we returned there was a copy of the newspaper on the mat delivered by the paperboy. I remember my Dad commenting about how he wished we had been home so we might have seen something, but again my Mum said something on the lines of she was glad we weren't as it would have scared her.

I appreciate there is limited value in me reporting all this to you, but it might fit with other material that you or others have collected. I'm very happy to speak with you further about this if it helps.

Best wishes

Jonathan C


Paul: Yet another amazing report. The sort of thing that cannot be caused by imagination. Thanks a lot for all the detail Jonathan.


Paul Sinclair

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