Truth Proof Report 220 - a lifetime of UFOs

Date of sighting 1976

I remember the first time I saw a UFO 🛸 I was in the bathroom with Dad. I must have been about 3 or 4 as I was holding his jeans leg - I was under waist height. We had a skylight in the bathroom; Dad said, "Look Sar, look it’s a UFO. Keep your eyes on it...!

He lifted me up, and we stared at it for about 5 minutes. It was a silver disc, just sitting in the sky. I could see it clearly although it was high up; then suddenly it shot up out of the atmosphere - it was the fastest thing I had ever seen.

I still remember it vividly - that magical moment seeing my first! Dad was thrilled for me, and was saying for ages, "You’ve seen your first UFO."

🛸 Dad saw loads of them, and used to go up Cley Hill in Warminster in the 1970. One night he came home with a healed burn on his chest; it was deep red and smooth as if he’d been burned 6 months earlier. He said a UFO was overhead and he suddenly realised he’d been marked as it wasn’t there before he went. It took 30 years to fade. I think he had just a tiny mark on his chest before he died, a remnant of some sort of UFO experience; he never ever said he’d been abducted,

I, myself, saw a load of UFOs 🛸 one night when I was about 25 and I lost an hour in time. It was bizarre. I do think they may monitor certain bloodlines I don’t know why, who knows...

From a facebook posting by "Sara J". Posted and anonymised with permission.

a link to a Somerset News item about UFOs at Cley Hill.  Cley Hill was a well known UFO hotspot in the south of England around 1970.


Paul Sinclair

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