Truth Proof Report 217 - rotating large orange light

Date of sighting 24th March 2023 & following

Hi Paul,

I've recently heard you on That UFO podcast and was really interested in your work. I've got a few things that have happened / keep happening to me that I'd like to share with you, I'll give you a little of my background as well.

I've been living in Weaverthorpe for the last 7 years now and there is definitely a number of interesting things that I've seen / experienced. The first one I have always known it was strange, the others I've thought about much more since hearing about your work. I have read or watched any of your other stuff, yet, I will be doing in the very near future especially given its locality to where I live. I wanted to share these before I delve into your work so they are untainted.

The thing that really start taking note was on the 24th March 2023 - it was around 8pm I'd not long put my daughter to bed and was in my kitchen cooking - it was really hot with the heating and oven on and I went to the back door to grab a breath of air and cool down a bit - the house is south facing but the back door faces the west. I saw a circle of orange rising up initially behind some trees but then fully into view, it was travelling vertically - it was around 1.5 to 2 times the size of the moon - when it was fully in my view there was a wavy line that was the same colour as the outer circle and it was rotating at around 80 degrees to the direction it was moving. It was going quick and it rose until it disappeared into the clouds. I have attached a sketch that I did of it that I had sent to a friend as it explains it better than I can in words. It was only in my view for around 5 seconds. It was mesmerizing. I didn't have my phone to hand so didn't get a photo, but to be honest even if I had I don't think I would have tried given how mesmerised I was. I had on a few previous occasions, having listened to some older podcasts, some of the CE5 type stuff and don't know if that had any effect or not. There was no sound whatsoever, it was really really quiet. I did immediately afterwards check my phone for aircraft and the positioning of the moon etc... the moon wasn't in that part of the sky and there was nothing showing on the flight trackers - not that I needed to as I've seen a fair few military aircraft and they do a lot of low level and night flying round here as you probably know so I'm very familiar with seeing and recognising them. It was a cloudy and cold night outside, but it was dry. I've not seen anything like that since.

However, the strange things do continue in other ways. We have about an acre of land at the back of the house where we keep the Mrs's horse - it's sectioned off into a couple of areas so we can manage her having a supply of fresh grass. I quite often take my dog up there for a run, especially in the evening. I know it up there really well, I'm comfy being up there at all hours, although, there are occasions where there is a distinct feeling of being watched and a strange nervous, almost fearful feeling that I really can't explain. I also know what it looks like when either me or the dog go through the grass, especially when it's growing longer - we always go in one of the sections that the horse isn't in - quite often the grass looks like it has been pushed down by something big - far bigger than me or the dog and it doesn't go anywhere, it's sections of the grass and there is no entry or exit route. I've never documented it or photographed it, but I will be doing it from now. I've also checked the fences and it's not any of the neighbours animals that could get in and do it.

Which brings me to the last strange thing that happened recently - it was between the 22nd and 23rd August 2023. I'd been up in the fields on the 22nd removing some ragwort - which we have a fair bit of. I'd been told in a conversation with a colleague that week that the wild rabbits were likely making it worse as they eat the plant but their poo can then spread the plants. I said to the Mrs that I was going to start trying to shoot them and I'd be getting a friend to come and help. The 23rd I went back in the fields to do some more weeding and there were 2 dead rabbits - no visible injuries or anything which was very unusual - I joked to the Mrs that I must have scared them to death saying Iwas going to go shooting, we do get the odd one that turns up dead but it's usually been got at by something - but never before have we had 2 an never one without injuries.

A little about me - I moved to Weaverthorpe just under 7 years ago. We had spent a year living in Pickering and before that I was in my home city of Manchester. I've been a xxxxx since 2004 starting in Manchester and transferring to Yorkshire in 2016. [At my work] I can say that there is no interest in these sorts of things from an organisational perspective. I have recently spoken to a colleague about their experience with a UFO that happened over at Ilkley Moor which was fascinating. I've always seen people that aren't there - again I've never recorded them, but I've seen figures in room in both day and night and in several different places, including whilst I was away last week - I thought it was my wife stood next to the bed until she got out of bed and went to the loo - I figured it was best not to tell her she was shoulder to shoulder with someone else in the room. I'm convinced there is something that we don't understand or can't comprehend yet and I certainly don't have any theory. I do often feel like I see things out the corner of my eye that aren't there when I look - again I've no idea if that has any link to anything or not.

I would love to know if you have heard of any reports that line up with my sighting and if any of the other things have any merit in me documenting and trying to take some steps to investigate more thoroughly - and if so what would you suggest as a route for doing it? I'd also love to know if there was anyone else local to me who has similar experiences that might be open to a call or an email to discuss. I'm certainly planning a visits to some of the places you have mentioned in the podcast with Andy - I have been to some of them like Bempton etc... but never with the intention of keeping my eyes open and properly paying attention. Anything you can suggest would be appreciated - my professional background gives me some obvious approaches, but specific experience is always better than general stuff.

Sorry if this has rambled on a bit - and if you have made it this far I appreciate your time in getting this far.



Paul: Thanks for this very full report. And a diagram is also worth another 1000 words! There have been many reports of orange lights in the sky along this coast. Just type in "orange" in the Search box on the Truthproof reports page to see similar reports....

Sketch of the orange light

sketch of the orange light


Paul Sinclair

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