Truth Proof Report 216 - lights in the sky

Date of sighting 11th October 2023

Good morning Paul and team

Firstly I would like to say how much I enjoy your YouTube videos. I really enjoyed reading all your books, and Wolflands was fantastic. Well done, amazing work.

I am writing to share some unusual sightings I've had over the last two evenings. I live in Letchworth, North Hertfordshire, so outside of your normal geographical area of interest. Sunday night, 9th October, I was sitting in my garden around 8pm and noticed a faint white light moving slowly across the sky from an easterly direction. It curved to the south then 'winked out'. The sky was clear so I don't believe it went behind a cloud. I continued to watch the sky and over a period of approximately 30 minutes spotted 3 more similar white lights moving slowly in different directions across the sky and disappearing in the same manner. They appeared separately, I only saw one at a time. I have a satellite tracking app on my phone, called TrackSat, and according to this there were no satellites above me at that time. We are 13 miles from Luton airport, therefore there are plenty of fairly low flying aircraft traveling over my house, but these lights did not resemble plane lights. There was no noise, no streak or tail, as you might see if they were meteors, and they seemed to be quite high up. I saw no blinking aircraft lights. We also have helicopters passing over our house quite often but again these did not resemble chopper lights.

I went out into the garden again last night, 10th October, at around the same time. This time I saw 4 of these lights, separately, moving in different directions and 2 of them were quite bright. They all seemed to appear and disappear as if moving behind clouds, which may have been possible this time as it was a little cloudy last night. I only stayed outside for approximately 30 minutes again.

I will be looking again tonight, this time with my husband who I've managed to convince to join me. Hopefully the skies are clear. Unfortunately I don't have any professional recording equipment but will attempt to film on my phone. If anything is successfully captured I would love to share it with you, if you are interested. I would also be very interested in your thoughts. Have you heard of similar sightings? I would love to know if there is a conventional explanation but equally excited at the prospect of ruling out the known causes which would only leave the unknown 😊

Thank you again for your work and all you do.

Kindest regards



Paul: Thank you very much Rachel for your kind comments about us! Interesting sightings, thanks for telling us. I cannot think of any commonplace explanation for what you have seen. Keep looking!


Paul Sinclair

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