Truth Proof Report 218 - UFO - transparent in parts with gold light

Date of sighting 3rd November 2023

Good evening Paul.

I hope you enjoyed your birthday yesterday mate. All the best of wishes.

I have a strange sighting to report to you.

I was out walking my dog heading north and down a hill along Southfield Well Balk towards Wetwang this evening (3/11/23 at 1929 hours). We were between a premises called The Spinney and the sewage works at the bottom of the hill where there are no street lights. It was a beautifully clear night ideal for observing the night sky, the wind was only slight and the outside temperature would be about 7 degrees Celsius.

I looked upwards and out towards the west when I suddenly observed a very strange object moving through the sky, heading from North to South. I would describe this object as kind of like a tube of light which was similar in shape to a glass vase of the type of thing you would put flowers on display in where it is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, however this object was over on its side and was moving quite slow. I would guess it was tens of thousands of feet up in the sky, but as I say that’s a complete guess. The stranger thing was that it has two bright gold coloured lights at either end, and you could make out the illuminated shape of the vase either side which was also gold in colour. The middle of the object was see-through again like a glass vase.

I observed it for about five seconds before it suddenly dimmed down which I liken to turning a dimmer switch down on a light bulb until it completely disappeared from my view. I did wonder if maybe it disappeared when it noticed I was watching it? Who knows.

The object was seen at the bottom of the constellation of Cygnus. Proceeding this sighting I then saw a bright gold coloured static light which kept slowly randomly flashing and was in the milky was which runs through Cygnus. This randomly flashing light was observed for approximately five minutes after the sighting of the initial object. The only aircraft in the sky was a Ryanair flight heading from east to West, it’s destination being Dublin. This was well south of the object, nowhere near it.

To assist my verbal account I have drawn a couple of diagrams to add a bit of context. I tried to image the sky but it was too dark for my phone's camera.

I hope this account is of use to your research. Please feel free to post this on your website if you so desire.

Many thanks for all your brilliant work, I am really finding it fascinating and interesting.

Yours Sincerely.



Paul: Thanks for this amazing report. The diagrams are most helpful. I notice, from our database, that this is the eighth report of objects in the sky over Wetwang! Put "Wetwang" in the Search dialogue and see for yourself....

Sketch of the orange light

sketch of the sighting (1)


sketch of the sighting (2)


Paul Sinclair

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