Truth Proof Report 215 - unidentified flying object

Date of sighting, 3rd September 2023

Hi Paul,

Daylight object seen near Danes Dyke. Early Sunday evening, around 19.50 on Sunday 3rd September 2023. I was with Paul Sinclair and his grandson, talking about a couple of lights I photographed 4 years before in September of 2019. We had walked from the field I had taken the photos in and gone back towards the Brampton cliffs, towards Danes Dyke. We walked up onto the Dyke and continued taking about the lights I had seen 4 years earlier.

The sun had not set, but was close to the horizon over the old RAF base. Paul was looking towards the base, while I was talking to him with the sun behind me looking at him. Just to his right I noticed a movement in field. There was a field between that field and us. At first, I did not look at it. However, when I did my brain/mind seemed to malfunction, it is a weird thing to say and describe. I tried to make sense of what I was looking at, but nothing fit. At this time, the object had travelled half the distance between the pond and the boundary fence. On the other side of the fence were the coastal path then the cliff tops and sea.

I still had no idea what I was looking at, but remembered I had my camera around my neck. As I reached for it, I said to Paul we might have something. I think I had to say it again before he started to turn. Before he could fully turn, the object travelled behind a small "hedge" and did not reappear.

Paul at first thought that I was referring to the people that were walking down the coast path and were between us, and the field I had seen the object. I explained as best I could, the strange object and where it had gone. As it was so strange, I could not put into words how to describe it. At the time all I could say was that it was very wrong. And looked more like a cartoon image, than a real object. Writing this now 11 days later, I think a better description would be that it looked two-dimensional. I did take a few photos of the area and in particular the "hedge". The object had gone by this time. These were just photos of the area, to look at later as it was too bright to see any details in the photos.

As I said, I was in a very confused state. Paul asked me a few times to describe what I had seen. I had no trouble telling him that an object had travelled across a field, went behind a "hedge", and didn't reappear. However, could not find the words for the object. I told him I would try to draw it when we got back to the car park. This didn't happen as it was getting late by the time we got back, and Paul had to get his grandson back. I did make a drawing sitting in the car, so I could show Paul later in the week. Unfortunately, due to the weather changing and other commitments it was not to happen. This is why I am writing this report and the aftermath.

The Day After.

The next morning thinking about what I had seen. Getting my camera out I had a look at the photos from the night before. I was shocked to see that the "hedge" the object went behind was not a hedge. It was the coast path and the embankment on either side of it. This suggests that the object went into the ground and disappeared.

I walked back to Danes Dyke and sat and looked at the field the object was in. So I could see the lay of the land. In addition, see if I could find any rationale explanation for the object, or where it had gone. This is where I realised the object was in the field me and Paul had just been in and followed the path we had walked. The place it had travelled into the ground was where we had gone over the fence to get into/out of the field. When I had first noticed the movement of the object was from the fenced off pond in the field. As I have said, I was very confused at the time of the sighting, and did not realise it was the field we had just left. Having time to think while sitting there, I started the realise how many things I had missed out on the day before. We had not asked Pauls grandson if he had seen anything. I had not walked down to the couple walking the path if they had noticed the object. Moreover, more important, why hadn't I walked back up the path to where I had seen the object? it is the sort of thing I would have normally done to see if there was a reasonable answer.

I do owe Paul a massive apology for not letting him interview me on camera so he could have filmed my confusion.

The field inquisition is below the horizon line. And crates a small horizon line itself as a green band of grass as the top of the field. That gently slopes away on the far side where the main field is out of site of the Dyke. The grass is part of the path from Wold Farm Camping Site to the cliffs and coastal path. It was half way down this narrow green band that the object travelled. With nothing obscuring my view until it went to ground.

The field over the rise is more than deep enough to have hidden the object. However, in order to do so it would have first had to go up and over the brow of the hill. It did not. It stayed below the field crest. Also the object looked like it was going behind something as it travelled a straight line disappearing from left to right. Not from the bottom up, as if going down the hill on the other side. I still have no idea what this object was or could have been. I could not say whether the object was travelling quickly on the ground or flying very close to the ground. I can say that it moved in a straight smooth line. As it reached the "hedge" it did not slow down, but keep its speed the same and just vanished from sight.

Below is as close as I could get to what travelled across the field. It was travelling from the right of the picture to the left. Moreover, it is in position just before it disappeared behind /into what looked like a hedge. As you can clearly see is not a hedge.

I wonder if in my confused state, my mind it just filled in the gap. Telling me that it had to be a hedge, otherwise it could not have vanished from site. You can see that it is below the field horizon.

Sorry, for the delay in getting this sighting back to you. Looking back, I wish I had let you film me straight after, I think it would have been interesting for me to see.

If you need any more information, please do not hesitate to ask.

Until we meet again, all the best Patrick.


Paul writes: It was a very interesting experience.

photo of the event by patrick

This photo was taken at a different time, and the people are just there for a size comparison.

photo of the event by patrick

This photo is the view from Danes Dyke. Again, the broken line is what I saw from the corner of my eye. The solid line is when I was looking at it. Please forgive my wonky lines; it is not that easy to draw a straight line with my mouse.

photo of the event by patrick

This last photo is the one I take just before we left Danes Dyke. Minutes after the sighting.


Paul Sinclair

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