Truth Proof Report 205 - strange figure seen by couple

Date of sighting ~ 1990

a report sent to Paul Sinclair


I wish to report something that happened to my late wife and I near to Wharncliffe Crags.

I am aware that you have received reports from that area and it prompted me to add this which happened in 1990 I believe. I think I am correct about the year as I recall it being a long hot summer. That is what made this sighting seem stranger, as it occurred around 1pm ish in broad daylight and in bright sunshine. Please bear in mind that my wife was a complete sceptic of this kind of thing up to this point, whereas I was more open to strange phenomena.

Anyway, this is what happened. We were walking near Ewden village, heading west along a gated path (OS grid ref 26731 96154). The attached photo [below] is taken facing west at this point. About 50 yards ahead of us a grey figure emerged out of the trees on the left and strode across the path until it faded into the undergrowth and trees on the right. Now when you look at the photo, which is how it looks now, it is quite different to how it was at the time. Back then the path was a lot broader and it is tarmacked. It was more like a country lane.

So the figure was in view for a few seconds. The figure would have been about 6ft in height, maybe taller. As soon as it vanished I turned to my wife, who stood with her mouth agape in amazement and I asked if she had just seen that, without saying what I had seen. She said YES! And described exactly what I had seen. It changed her perception of things at that instant. What I noticed and noted at the time was that there was no feeling or sensation felt, however I could not fathom why I was unable to speak out as this occurred. It was as if I was prevented from pointing it out as it happened. This always struck me as odd. The figure was the shape of a tall person and was grey and transparent, like smoke. Very strange indeed.

I know its not a very dramatic event when you relate it but it had a very profound effect on my wife and I. I wondered if you would like to add it to your records in case others spot anything in that area. Thanks for the books and videos which I enjoy a lot.


Regards Paul

 Ian B

Paul: Thank you Ian for this fascinating account. Certainly it is my experience that events like this often do change one's personal philosophy of life. I like to think for the better. The fact that you both witnessed the same thing makes the testimony very true.

view of the spot where the apparition was seen

Picture taken by Ian of the exact spot (see above)



Paul Sinclair

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