Truth Proof Report 206 - creepy cryptoid seen in a forest

Date of sighting 2021

Hi Paul.

I hope you’ve been well, I want to send a report in to you regarding a possible cryptid sighting that happened back in 2021.

We live near a haunted forest called Bramshill Forest in Berkshire (there are no reports it’s haunted but we’ve experienced things there).

I’ve done my own paranormal investigations over there and there’s one trail that me and my wife don’t like. It feels very negative and always feels like your been watched on that trail (see pic attached).

One evening my wife came home after taking the dog over in the forest. She later revealed to me that later in the walk when it was getting dark, she saw what looked like a humanoid looking creature on all fours cross this trail in the distance ahead of her. The dog didn’t react but she’s adamant that she saw this thing cross.

So we looked on Google with no avail, I remember hearing about a cryptid called a Rake. So we typed “the Rake creature” in on Google and she said “that’s what I saw is exactly that!”

Now my wife is very skeptical especially with cryptids and ufos so I know she was telling the truth.

I’ve since done further investigations into this forest and that trail is still as scary now as it was then. My wife saids she’ll never go there alone again.

Regards Cameron S


Paul: Thanks for the report Cameron. These creatures seem to get everywhere! For more about the Rake and further links you might like to see here


Paul Sinclair

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