Truth Proof Report 203 - yet another light in the sky

Date of sighting 15th May 2023

a report via the Truth Proof website

Hi Paul,

I’m Sim from Cardiff. I saw clearly a circular flat craft a couple of years ago from my loft at 11pm at night within a few hundred metres just above tree line, with lights circulating round it like in fair ground rides. Its was only 5 mins I saw the object using my binoculars. I did not think to use my camera. It drifted away. Then 15 mins later several helicopters arrived from the west (St Athan military airport). The object I saw was silent.

However I did see a another object from my garden last week (15th May at 10.40 pm), very very bright object like a star from my rear garden move from west (St Athan military airport 14 miles to west) to east above my house. It was at the most only a couple thousand feet in the sky moving at the speed of a light aircraft, totally silent, with nothing flashing.

After viewing for a couple minutes I grabbed my iphone13 and produced a video of the object.

A still from the video indicates a craft with some lights beneath it. Is it square shaped???

My thoughts its ET technology, or drone type but based on antigravity technology, directed by human military or ET (Benevolent or otherwise).

The reason why I can be so sure is that I follow farsight, they have videos of et craft moving at speed up to 20,0000 mph, and remote view these objects. The occupants of these craft include non benevolent species including reptilians, I know a hard pill to swallow. The truth has to be faced at some stage they are everywhere in our skies, most ships cloaked.

Its moving around the screen because I clipped the video area to show the object more clearly, also I was videoing with my iPhone as it moved in a straight line, but my hand was not so steady. My background is as a research scientist in industry.

I have no problem with follow up but I did not contact authorities as my wife works for the BBC, so I have to keep it anonymous. I did report to SUFON and MUFON.


Paul: thanks Sim - always great to get up to date reports with a photo and video. Difficult to tell what shape it is but it seems to have four lights in a square.


Paul Sinclair

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