Truth Proof Report 202 - more lights in the sky

Date of sighting Saturday 6th May 2023

another report by the ever-vigilant Steve via the Truth Proof website

Hi Paul,


Hello again Paul.

I can’t really believe I am emailing you with another sighting in such a short space of time!

I was not long since travelling home from work at 0026 hours on the early morning of Saturday 6th may 2023, driving steadily along the B1248 probably half way between Wharram le street and the turn off on the left for Towthorpe. I was driving towards Fimber roundabout (heading generally south). This part of the road is the highest in the area for some miles.

For some reason unknown, I glanced over to my right and looked west and was surprised to see a bright gold ball of light moving about very slowly just above the horizon. This immediately caught my attention so I stopped my car in a safe place and rolled my drivers window down to get a beater view. Suddenly, furthering my surprise, I then saw a second gold light appear to the right of the first one, this was dimmer but was moving along above the horizon a bit quicker than the other light and was slightly higher. This second light appeared to be heading north. I would estimate that those two lights were somewhere between strensall and sheriff Hutton, north of York, however as always these things can be difficult to judge at night.

I took my mobile phone out of my pocket and just about managed to get a photo of the first brighter light I saw. I also took a short video but it is very blared as I could not get the camera to focus. A few seconds after I started filming, both lights disappeared so I put my phone down. The lights then reappeared, and continued to move slowly. They disappeared again, before the brighter light again appeared and then disappeared. The weather at the time was mostly clear but with patches of cloud and fog. The moon was bright in the sky. There was no wind and the temperature was 7 Celsius.

I checked one of the well know flight tracking apps at the time of the sighting, the only one aircraft recorded over the york area was 30000 feet up in the sky, nowhere near the horizon!

Please see the attached images and video to analyse. I apologise for the poor quality, I did my best.

Many thanks. Steve.


Paul: thanks again Steve - the area seems quite active at the moment. Keep up the good work.

image of craftimage of craftimage of craft

Photos and video taken by Steve


Paul Sinclair

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