Truth Proof Report 200 - more lights at Bempton!

photo of the lights
reported May 1st 2023

UFO sighting in the city

Date of event: 1st May 2023

Good evening Paul & the truth proof team.

I hope you are all keeping well.

I have just had a very interesting conversation with my mother.

I have just got off the phone with her as I rang her to see if she wanted to be taken for her weekly shopping. During the call, here is what she said to me in her own words without any prompting or conversation about the subject beforehand;

“I’ve got something to tell you Steve, you’re not going to believe this. On Monday (1st May 2023) at twenty to ten in the evening I had just gone to lay down in my bed when I heard quite a loud noise. It was like an aircraft type noise but not a quiet one. It was like a loud, low droning noise. I got up and went to look out of my back living room window and saw this really big gold glittering light between two of the houses opposite my back garden. I stood and watched this for a few seconds and it then shot off (she describes the direction which sounds to me like heading from west hull towards an easterly direction, towards the east coast of the UK). It didn’t have any flashing lights on it, but it had very small little wings poking out like an airplane but very small ones. It was hovering between the houses before shooting off fast. It didn’t have any windows. It was a lot like the other thing I saw a few years ago”.

I thought you may find this report interesting in case there have been any other reports or sightings in the area. My mother lives just on a quiet close knit street just off Pickering road near to the Costello Playing Fields in Hull, East Yorkshire…….not far from the Spring Bank area where there have been a good few sightings over the years.

Many thanks, keep up the excellent work.



Paul Sinclair comments: Thanks for this great report. Great that your Mum has an interest in these things and makes such a credible witness.


Paul Sinclair

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